18xx Games in Boston

I have gone deep down the rabbit hole of 18xx games; a few play-by-email games going but it isn’t quite the same. I’ve searched for an in-person group and have had some luck with the Cube Cartel.

If you are likewise looking for in person games, please let me know! I have 1830, 1856, and 18OE.

A Nonprofit Devil’s Dictionary

With high interest debt to Ambrose Bierce and On Product Management, I present a short Devil’s Dictionary for the nonprofit industry:

Advancement:  See Fundraising.

Consultant:  A lucrative Sisyphus, cursed to eternally push legacy data from CRM system to CRM system.

CRM System:  An advanced duplicate management system, used to sustain obsolete fundraising practices.

Development:  See Advancement.

Direct Mail:  A technique for turning trees into recycled paper.

Fundraising:  See Development.

Nonprofit:  A type of corporation tasked with addressing all the corner cases of capitalism and government while delivering consistent stakeholder returns.

Nonprofit Technology:  An archive of tools and best practices from the recent past.